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About Ikorta

Five families decided to merge family estates into one large agricultural cooperative in 2018, thus creating Agricultural Cooperative IKORTA. By combining the accumulated experience and material-technical base, it led to an increased number of items produced, improved quality, reduced costs and boosted promotion. The working model introduced in the cooperative effectively reflects the interests of all cooperative members. We will always be focused on the introduction of new technologies, as our priority is a consistency of quality and constant improvement.

About Us
Agricultural Cooperative Ikorta’s farm…..
Agricultural Cooperative IKORTA’ farm, including its cooling facility, is located in an ecologically clean region, in the village of Mejvriskhevi, close to a Georgian monument of cultural heritage - Ikorta - which is included in the tourist routes. Ikorta is an orthodox Christian domed church built in 1172, located in Shida Kartli, on the outskirts of the village Ikorta. The temple has a special place in the history of Georgian architecture. On November 7, 2006 Ikorta Cathedral was granted the status of a tangible monument in the cultural heritage of national importance of Georgia. Tombstones of heroic nobles from the medieval history of Georgia -Bidzina Cholokashvili, Shalva and Elizbar Ksani Eristavi - are located within the Ikorta Cathedral.
Business Model of IKORTA
We annually produce different kinds of fruits at our modern orchard built on 22 hectares of fertile land, which is used to deploy the best agricultural practices for growing fruits and for testing new varieties. We also grow annual vegetable crops. Our cooperative owns an advanced cooling facility with a capacity of 1000 tons. It is used for storing our produce and those consolidated from local farmers in compliance with food safety requirements until they are sold. We purchase, store, sort and export agricultural products. We render storage and warehouse services to local entrepreneurs.
About Us